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Improve your performance

and results with data analysis, insight and agility.

Data is the fuel of today’s companies. Correct analysis generates new ideas, original tactics and can help you develop complete strategies. Data is a great opportunity for your business to innovate, increase sales and profits and develop new markets and offerings.

  • Picto/1_LEADING DATABASE FOR B2B MARKETING Created with Sketch. #1 Audit, clean and enrich your data
  • Picto/2_DATA TO SUPPORT PROSPECTING, SALES INTELLIGENCE AND DIGITAL MARKETING Created with Sketch. Smart data to support your sales and marketing activities
  • Picto/1_Banner advertising to attract attention of potential B2B buyers in an eye-catching way Created with Sketch. Customer portfolio analysis

Smart Data allows your business to innovate, increase sales and profits and develop new markets and offerings.

Begin with an analysis of your existing database to assess your current situation. With a team of experts at your side throughout your project, benefit from the richness and quality of Kompass data processed and integrated directly into your own systems. What can this mean for you and your business?

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Our solutions

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All in one

  • Data consultancy: Full data discovery and data audit
  • Secure data integration and processing
  • Business models for your upsell and cross sell strategy
  • Dashboards and systems

Improve your performance

  • Increase your database with new prospects
  • Enrich your leads and customer profile with key figures
  • Increase customers retention rate
  • Increase market share and basket value

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Bring your database up to speed. Our incredibly talented Data support teams can help you streamline both your database and your way of using it.

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Smart data

Improve your performance and your results

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