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Reach the right B2B Customers

with powerful Marketing and Sales Intelligence solutions

When prospecting, it makes sense to spend time and efforts focusing on those future customers who will get the most value out of what you have to offer. The prospects most likely to buy or take advantage of your services. Generate the maximum revenue for your company over the long term with solid segmentation and smarter leads.

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Focus where you can be most effective

If you already know which prospects are likely to be interested, you have a clear framework for where to focus your energy. Take advantage of our global B2B prospecting and Sales Intelligence Solutions like EasyBusiness and ByPath that will help you segment and analyse your market, plan and organize your sales, marketing campaigns and lead generation activities. A winning strategy and higher sales productivity are sure to follow!

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Effective, Tailor-made, Stress-free

A range of trusted products to develop your business effortlessly

Prospecting Pack

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  • A far-reaching, verified global B2B database
  • Organised structure to find the right sales leads and marketing lists
  • Deeper knowledge of customers and prospects
  • 60 criteria with which to identify your targets


  • Lead Generation: Identify key business buying signals in your markets
  • Prospecting: Choose the best strategy to engage your targets
  • Closing deals: Identify the strengths and weak links in ongoing deals
  • Update data straight from the web into your CRM

Tested. Proven

Get more efficient. We support you with the right segmentation, finding the right leads, and identifying the strengths and threats of your ongoing deals.

They increased their development with this pack

Whether SME or big companies, 10 000 of them use our solutions daily

Hayon Co., Ltd

Hayon Co., Ltd

Cosmetic products and hygiene products

Increasing the number of Leads and closing deals.

“Over the past two years, while using Kompass Marketing Service, we have been able to meet international buyers from different countries and to introduce our products to them. As a result, we could make a contract with several countries including China, Singapore and Indonesia.”

Ms. Soi Kan - Export Manager
ExPro Outsourcing

ExPro Outsourcing

Transport & Logistics

A strategy to improve Sales productivity

“ByPath is a very useful tool to search for direct contacts in companies, organize the monitoring of companies and sectors in which we have interest. Thanks to the tool, the door through which we enter when contacting companies, is totally different.”

María Victoria Gregorio - Key Account Manager

Our clients grew their business

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Sales Prospecting PACK

Find the prospects already interested in your products and services

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