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Data Integration
Data Integration

Our Data Integration services. Your success.

Grow your business
with the right data.

Whether you need to maintain or improve the quality of your database, Kompass is the right partner for you. From data audit to data enrichment, we take care of the whole process of your data strategy. We know this is key to improving the performance of your customer journey.

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Growing your business is easier with the right data

When your data is not organized or updated, you are losing opportunities and therefore your competitive advantage as an organization. With a seamless and smart data integration and processing plan you can improve your sales performance by better engaging your customers and increase your business’ revenues.

Enrich your data

By combining your data with data of Kompass, you will easily build up a refreshed, enriched database of key information that will allow you to effectively speed up your sales performance year after year.

Data Integration

Whatever data you need, we can get it

With decades of experience and a far-reaching international physical network, Kompass group is the best B2B worldwide data provider that could accompany and guide you on in your Data data strategy. It’s what we do.

A smarter guide to choosing the best data process

Leave your data in the best hands. Kompass our data integration and processing services will provide you with all the business insights you need to understand better your data. And to improve upon it!.

Data Integration

We take good care of your data

We take the utmost care to process your personal data in accordance with the law, your company policies and business needs. We take it as seriously as you do.

Feed your Marketing and Sales teams with the right prospects and leads

Integrate new prospects into your own system. Extract contact lists for your Marketing campaigns and enrich your database by adding key figures to better know your customers’ profiles (turnover, number of employees, main activities, etc.).

Data Integration

Data Integration

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Improve the quality of your data

  • Full data discovery and data audit
  • Secure data integration and processing
  • Customized data and matching

Reach your sales objectives with the right prospects

  • Integrate new prospects into your own system
  • Enrich your leads and customers’ profiles with key figures
  • Update the contact information in your database
  • Reach the right people at the companies you are targeting

Tested. Proven

Benefit from the richness of proven Kompass information and integrate data in real time. It will dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and modernize back-office systems.

They boosted their business with our products

Whether SME or big companies, 10 000 of them use our solutions daily



Transport & Logistics sector

Improving the knowledge of their customer base.

“To connect to our services, our customers only needed to fill in a simple email address. We therefore had difficulties profiling our database and obtaining accurate information on the typology of our users. That's why we went to Kompass, as part of a joint project between the ISD and Marketing. The objective was not to reap immediate commercial benefit, but rather to set up longer-term processes.”

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Our clients grew their business

Kawasaki Shell Nacex DHM Hewlett Packard Abus
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Data integration

Grow your business with the right data

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