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Connect Kompass data to your Salesforce

Reliable, up-to-date and rich data

The success of a CRM project is measured by its adoption and the quality of its data. Kompass Data for Salesforce powers up your CRM with the access to the premium Kompass database, feeding your Sales team with constantly up-to-date and rich information.

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Optimize the quality of your database

Take advantage of the richness and completeness of Kompass data to make your CRM more reliable: secure the creation of new accounts and get daily updated information.

Increase your Sales team productivity

Boost the adoption of your CRM: thanks to our connector, your Sales reps have direct access to up-to-date and qualified data for their prospecting actions.


Fully integrated in Salesforce!

No training needed at all: an user-friendly module to power-up your CRM and have all your Sales team leverage our premium data since day one.

CRM's App

Don’t have Salesforce? No worries!

You can integrate the access to our data in your own CRM thanks to the API: our dedicated IT team will support you in setting up the connection and customize the data flow according to your needs.

CRM's App

Kompass Data App

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  • Full access to Kompass premium data
  • Secure creation of new accounts
  • No more manual data entry
  • Save time and increase productivity
  • Available in Spain, France and Italy


  • Comprehensive company profiles
  • Automatic daily update
  • Administrative and financial information
  • Executives profiles

Tested. Proven

We are 100% focused on your needs and design our solutions to support you with your daily challenges and keep you on top of your market.

They boosted their business with our products

Whether SME or big companies, 10 000 of them use our solutions daily



Subsidiary of La Poste group’s digital branch

With every data integration operation, one minute is saved

“To import a contact into the CRM, we went down to 1 minute 30 seconds with ByPath. All without having to type anything.”

Nadia Metlaine - CRM and Digital Project Manager

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