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Need suppliers ?
Need Suppliers?

Optimise your value chain

with our worldwide database of suppliers

Finding the right partners and suppliers will make all the difference to your results. Reliable trade suppliers and partners save you money, increase your margins and give you the confidence to provide your customers with quality products and services, on time, so you are far more competitive!

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  • Picto/Manager Copy Created with Sketch. On all Continents (70+ countries)
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Solutions to accurately connect you with suppliers and partners

Relying on suppliers in B2B trade, whether local or globally, it is important to find credible suppliers you can trust. All easier said than done. Locally, or from distance, how do you know their reputation, and if they will do what they say in a timely fashion. With our Global B2B Online Business Directory, International Trade Services and solutions like EasyBusiness, we take the guesswork out of the equation for you giving you peace of mind.

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A range of trusted products to develop your business effortlessly

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Why the Global B2B Directory?

  • We connect buyers with trusted and verified suppliers and partners
  • Uniquely powerful & accurate company profiling using Kompass classifications
  • Kompass directory’s organized structure means you can better segment your target markets
  • This B2B portal helps you create precise and more effective purchasing strategies.

Why EasyBusiness?

  • Access a highly structured, constantly updated database
  • 60 criteria to find the right partners thanks to precise, highly detailed segmentation
  • +53Mcompanies, +78M managers
  • An intuitive interface accompanies you from A to Z

Tested. Proven

Streamline the way you connect with suppliers and partners. Less time wasted, more time to focus on your success.

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