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Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Campaigns

Target, design
and perform

Empower your digital marketing strategy and engage new customers

Today’s marketers need to do more with less. You need to connect with your target in a highly personalized way, all while staying on budget. That is why it is imperative to work with good segmentation and choose the best performing marketing channels.

  • Picto/1_Hyper target using our Global, updated and precise company databases Created with Sketch. Hyper target with our global company database
  • Picto/2_Customized emailing campaigns. All in one Created with Sketch. Customizes emailing campaigns
  • Picto/3_Telemarketing campaigns: Appointments settings and business surveys Created with Sketch. Telemarketing Campaigns
  • Picto/2_Possibility of visibility in up to 66 countries simultaneously Created with Sketch. PPC campaigns all over the world

Easy, inexpensive and powerful

Optimum targeting brings a higher return on investment. It’s as simple as that.
Reach the right targets by building targeted marketing campaigns and maximize your chances of success!

The multichannel advantage

Our Marketing Solutions make it easy for you to implement a multichannel strategy. You could do an e-mailing campaign combined with a follow-up phone call. Any combination is possible to optimize your ROI!

Digital Marketing Services

Personalization is a priority

Make your mark with more personalized marketing campaigns. This ensures you will stand out from the competition and maximizes the impact of your actions. Drive conversions and bring new customers into the fold with uniquely created campaigns.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

All in one: Targeting, creation and dispatch

Kompass offers all "on demand" services for your acquisition and campaign needs.
We can take care of the whole process for all your campaigns starting with the company list segmentation from our updated and enriched database, message creation with response design, Routing and Statistics report.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Benefit from Direct Marketing Campaigns

  • Enhances both recognition and brand image
  • Easy to implement communication actions and great in combination with our digital advertising campaigns
  • Highly affordable compared to other channels

Adaptable to your own needs

  • Accurate and effective to segment and select your target audience
  • Easily measurable, precise results
  • Personalised advice
  • A direct, personalized way to communicate with potential clients.

Tested. Proven

Go from good to great.
Thanks to our know-how, B2B expertise and global network, we can help you build your digital marketing campaigns based on the markets you want to target and your objectives.

They boosted their business with our products

Whether SME or big companies, 10 000 of them use our solutions daily



Direct Marketing, Transport & Logistics

Average of + 32% of opening rate

“We are very pleased to have Kompass as a database provider for our Emailing Campaigns"

Arianne Muñoz de Wolf - Marketing Manager


Email Marketing, Paper, Printing, Publishing

Improvement in the promotion of our events

"We use the email Marketing service of Kompass to push our communication actions to clients and to companies from Kompass’ B2B database”

Diego Sáez - Controller

Our clients grew their business

Kawasaki Shell Nacex DHM Hewlett Packard Abus
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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Empower your digital marketing strategy and engage new customers

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